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What an amazing performance everyone put in at the Central Theatre in Chatham. You were all amazing. I have had tons of emails expressing how enjoyable your performances were. I have just had an email from Pam at the Rotary informing me that over £4000.00 was raised at the event. Thank you to each and everyone of you that took part and helped make the event such a success. Your all amazing.   XXX

New students welcome. Why not join the KSA now so that you can be part of our next major production. A limited number of spaces are available at Sittingbourne and Lordswood. Just come along and take advantage of a totally free session. Call for more details.

Sittingbourne show is on the 29th ad 30th October. Tickets available NOW!!

The Kent Stage Academy have been asked to perform at this years Christmas lights turn on in Rochester. This will be a huge event as it is running along side the Santa Fun Run too. But that's not all, we will also be performing at the Christmas Dickens Festival. I also have some news about a major event happening in March but you will have to wait another week before I tell you all about it. Exciting times ahead!!

The KSA Facebook page has been closed down due to some "undesirables" looking in and trying to join. We now have KSA chat at

Please request to join the page if you have a child/relative at KSA and you will be able to keep up with all the latest news, see pictures and video's too.




I’ve had some wonderful news today. Not only have we been asked to take part in the Christmas Dickens Festival again, but we have also been asked to sing at the Rochester Christmas light turn on. How exciting.  Unfortunately, we haven’t got a lot of time between now and the events. We are ready to take part as they want pretty much the same sort of songs as before. Well, for the light turn on that is. For the Christmas Dickens, we have been asked to perform as typical Dickensian orphans again, but with a theme around Victorian toys!
I have been “Googleing” like mad and have started to make Victorian looking toys for us to use in the performances. (Parents and careers are welcome to join us in the parades as long as in Dickensian costume). As before, This is open to children that don't attend KSA too. So if you have a friend that might like to join us, let them know too.

Now this is where I need your help. Could you please let me know of you would like to take part as soon as possible so I can get all the paper work in order. The light tune on is Saturday 14th November from midday to about 3.30, and the Christmas Dickens is on Saturday and Sunday 5th and 6th December. I have to confirm times yet for the Dickens but as before, they are most of the day.

The Kent Stage Academy with Gerald Dickens

Charles Dickens Great Great Grandson. What an Honour. 

What a wonderful time was had by all at the summer Dickens Festival.
Yes the weather was a bit cold and wet on the Friday, but we really were rewarded on the Saturday. Sunny, warm and big crowds. We wont talk about Sunday. Wet wet wet!!!

After we had completed one of our performances, a very distinguished looking gentleman came over to me and told how well the children had performed. He loved the singing and the comedy too. He said that he had really enjoyed all that he had seen and all he had heard. 
That distinguished gentle was non other than Gerald Dickens, Charles Dickens Great Great Grandson!!  I can not tell you how honoured I feel, not to mention overwhelmingly proud of each and every one of the children that took part.
Take a look at the gallery to see all of the fun we had.



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